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What I do

    As a natural healer, my goal is to help you achieve your goal of optimum health, whatever you envision that to be. I can be an environmental detective for you. I can be your personal health coach. It's really up to you - but if you choose to become my patient, I will be there with you every step of the way as I have been for my patients for the past 24 years.

I use Biomagnetic Applied Kinesiology to further determine your nutritional needs. This is a form of muscle testing which is extraordinarily accurate. I will test for food allergies (I have over 300 foods to test if necessary), heavy metal burden, including mercury, aluminum and lead; chemical poisoning , including "sick building syndrome"; electromagnetic poisoning, fungus,molds and yeast, bacteria, viruses and parasites. If we find something, I can suggest ways for you to eliminate the poison from your body. I will also give you dietary and exercise instruction and detoxification techniques including how to cleanse your bowel and liver.

Because I believe that the body gets sick in more ways than physically, I also employ two emotional techniques in my practice: Neuro-emotional Technique or NET and Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Please be advised that I would never do the emotional techniques without full permission from you. I am also trained in a form of Nambudripod Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

I can advise you how to lose weight and how to change your diet and lifestyle to achieve your goals.

I also do wellness consultations: That is, nothing is particularly wrong with you, but you want to stay that way. Perhaps you are getting older and want optimum nutrition and/or an anti-aging and longevity consultation. Maybe you've just had a baby and feel a bit fatigued, or you have increased your exercise program and want advice on additional supplementation and diet.

I am also skilled in the application of essential oils which I use daily in my practice. Essential oils are not just a pretty face - they (when used properly ) are wonderful healing adjuncts. I like the purity of Young Living Essential Oil Products and use them exclusively.

Since we feel that the body is inherently able to heal itself, most natural healers use natural methods first. However, if warranted, I have no problem whatsoever in referring you to a medical doctor for treatment. At times, I may suggest that we order lab testing or X-rays, too. I will evaluate these and refer out as we both see fit.

Regarding cancer: Hopefully, you have consulted with me or other holistic healers and created an immune system that repels cancer. However, if you already have cancer, I can determine the best nutritional supplementation and be in your corner to support you through whatever conventional or alternative therapy you choose to undergo. I do not treat cancer per se, but I do support people with cancer.

    In my role as a chiropractor, my goal is to fix your spinal subluxations and to get you out of pain whether it requires one quick adjustment or a necessary series of adjustments that we will talk about and agree upon.

I'm an old fashioned chiropractor. Whenever possible, I like to use my hands to adjust the spine and the extremities because I believe that the energy exchange in hands-on is important. I am a gentle adjuster and to my knowledge have never injured anyone. I use several different methods to manipulate the spine depending on what the situation calls for. I also use instrumentation for those who prefer a non-thrust approach, specifically the Activator technique. I also use an instrument called an Acustim, two types of percussors and other electrical modalities as needed (TENS and microcurrent).

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