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3405 Penrose Place Suite 102
Boulder, CO 80301

From Evergreen: Get on 93. When you come to Boulder, take a right on Table Mesa. Go a few blocks to Foothills or 157 and make a left or go North. Stay on Foothills until you get to Valmont. Make a right on Valmont. Then an immediate left onto 47th Street.

Those of you who have been to my previous office will recognize right where you are. But instead of turning into the driveway of 3005 47th Street to go to my previous office, you will continue on 47th. You are now three minutes away from my new office on Penrose Place. So, continue on 47th to the Diagonal. There’s a light there. Make a left onto the Diagonal. Don’t go into the left hand lane! Go a few more yards to 34th Street. There is a turn lane there. Make a left on 34th. Then a few more yards, make a left into 3405 Penrose. That’s where I am, in Suite 102.

From Denver: Take 25 to 36. When you come into Boulder take the Foothills or 157 Exit. Stay on Foothills going north to Valmont. Make a right on Valmont and an immediate left onto 47th. Now read the above underlined directions for more specifics.

From the Diagonal: Take the Diagonal exit; make a left on 34th then another left into 3405 Penrose Place.

From anywhere in Boulder: Find 30th and go north and just a couple of blocks past the Cork Restaurant, you will see sign for Iris. Make a right on Iris. Go a few blocks and make a left on 34th, then a right into 3405 Penrose. Or, if you prefer, get on Foothills going North and follow the underlined directions above.

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