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Dairy-Free Eating Plan

Dairy is found in many of the foods we eat, often in hidden forms. Dairy includes all foods made with any component from the milk of cows. Cows milk, butter, buttermilk, yogurt, cow milk cheeses and any foods which contain the milk proteins casein and whey.

If you are sensitive to one cow dairy food, then you can easily become sensitive to others. I suggest that you avoid ALL cow dairy foods until further notice. The one exception to this rule is GHEE or CLARIFIED BUTTER. You can buy Ghee where you buy butter at your health food store or you can make your own.

There are many non-dairy products on the market to help you through this healing period. However, many of the "non-dairy" items contain casein or whey. Examples of "non-dairy" items which will expose you to the dairy allergen include Cool Whip, Coffee Mate, Irish Cream and Mocha Mix. Many non-dairy cheeses, like soy or rice cheese, often contain the dairy protein, casein. You must read labels closely.

Safe dairy products are:
    Rice Milk Products
    Amazake in any flavor
    Soy Milk
    Almond Milk
    Coconut Milk
    Goat Milk/Goat Cheeses
    Sheep Cheeses

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