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Corn-Free Eating Plan

Corn is favorite food for many of us and is found in so many forms, in so many products. And unfortunately, corn is also one of the most common food allergens. For starters, no corn on the cob, corn tortillas or corn chips.

Also remember to avoid commercial juices, candies, baked goods, ice creams, puddings sweetened with corn syrup or commercial soups and gravies as these are highly likely to contain some corn component. Some examples of corn-free snacks are: Pretzels, rice crackers with nut butter, fresh fruit, slice of avocado with crackers, baked potato chips.

Corn is also found in corn flour, corn syrups, mannitol, sorbitol and fructose (sweeteners), corn starch, maltodextrin and Zein (which is a common coating for medications and supplements). Please read labels carefully and avoid any packaged products containing these sweeteners.

Basic Substitutes for corn:

-Other grains like wheat , rice, barley, buckwheat and millet unless you have been found to be sensitive to any of the aforementioned grains.

-Sweetners which may be substituted for coin syrup include Sucanat, molasses, maple syrup, Stevia, fructose, honey or xylitol, sometimes called birch sugar.

-Instead, of using corn starch as a thickening agent, use arrowroot" kudzu, potato starch and agar agar.

-If you enjoy a social drink and are reacting to corn and/or corn sugar, try tequila or 100% potato vodka or Silverado 100% grapeseed vodka to avoid the corn that is found in most other forms of alcohol, beer and wine (except for Cru and Grand Cru wines).

-High carbohydrate vegetables like squash, sweet potato, yam, parsnips and turnips can also serve as substitutes for corn.

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