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For those of you who are happy with your weight and just want to cleanse or for those of you who have anywhere from 10 to 100 pounds to lose: You have to start somewhere!

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I have been assisting patients with cleansing and weight loss for some 20 years now, in my own special way which is outlined below. I am now doing the same thing except in a class venue, and for a lesser charge than if I were to offer it individually.

How does my program differ from all others? Most weight loss programs are generic, but you and I both know that people are unique and that one size does not fit all. I will find out in the course of the 7 week class what will work for each individual. Included in the cost of the 7 week class are the following services:

FREE 30 minute session with me in my office for testing the following:

  1. Food Allergy Testing: I will take 10 of the most allergenic foods and test your sensitivity to them. One of the reasons people can't lose weight is because they continue to eat the foods to which they are sensitive. This creates inflammation, bloats you and keeps the weight on. We will find out what you are sensitive to, eliminate those foods from your diet thereby giving you a fighting chance to reach your goal.
  2. Dysbiosis Testing: Dysbiosis is a fancy word for altered gut ecology. Find out if you have a critter like a parasite, bacteria or yeast that MAKES you eat sugar, or MAKES you eat too much or MAKES you depressed so that you feel toxic and CAN'T lose weight. If you have a dysbiosis, I will suggest that you purchase certain targeted supplements for you to take to eliminate this most important reason for toxicity and for keeping weight on.
  3. Metabolic Testing: What kinds of foods are best for your metabolic type. For example, I am what is called a parasympathetic fast oxidizer, so I do well on lots of protein and fat. What are you? Are you eating right for your type?
  4. Identifying and Eliminating Emotional Obstacles, including past conditioning, negative self-talk, false assumptions. We will look at these through a series of muscle-tested questions and, with your permission, address any negative connotations with a process called NET (Neuro-emotional Technique).

Optional: You will also be offered one free 15 minute phone call to me per 7 week course. This way, you will have some time to run things by me. I want you to be able to discuss your concerns with me privately and outside of the class venue if you need to.

I will be offering you within the 7 week class structure:

1) A good time with lots of laughs.
2) Tools to cleanse and lose weight.
3) Exercise suggestions.
4) Self-motivation techniques.
5) Many handouts for you to look at and study.
6) Healthy Recipes.
7) Support from me and from your group.
8) Suggestions for supplements.
9) And we will end each class with a powerful visualization.

My Plan: We will meet for two evenings the first week just to get us up and running, motivated and educated. By the end of the second night, you will be armed with the information, the tools and the motivation you will need to cleanse and lose weight.

Then we will meet one night a week for the next 6 weeks(for a total of 8 classes).

Eight Sessions for $250
Class limited to 10

(You will also be required to purchase a metabolic cleansing powder for $45 and most people end up purchasing the fiber product that I offer for $13.30 per tub. Everything else I might suggest will be optional.)

Call now to talk to me about this unique cleansing and weight loss program

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