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  • The Zika Virus, Vaccinations, Patty Duke, Drug Side Effects and Lots More
  • Dogs and Cancer, Vitamin D, Staying Well, Travelling Safely
  • Listen up! Your Body is Trying to Tell you Something!
  • Aging Angst (plus news on Skin, Cholesterol, ADHD and Nasal Rinsing)
  • Emergency Health Alert!, Sarcopenia, The Flu Shot, Recycling, Baby Aspirin and lots more
  • Telomeres, Cancer, Side Sleeping and a lot more.
  • Aging, Superfoods, Weight and Dementia, Flavonoids, How to Raise Your Vibration
  • Stress Eating, GMO's, The Paleo Eating Plan, Weight Gain, and Other Stuff
  • 10 Steps to Avoid Dementia
  • Newsletter, Early Spring Issue, March 15, 2015
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