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The Zika Virus, Vaccinations, Patty Duke, Drug Side Effects and Lots More

Things are never what they seem: I pretty much believe this across the board, but, for now, let's take the Zika virus. You think it causes those anencephalic babies? Think again. And try to turn your head around from all the "news" we've heard. It's actually caused by a chemical called pyriproxyfen, a chemical and insecticide that is used to purify water.

And, yes, it's yet another gift from Monsanto the Satan of megalopolises, the very company that has gifted us with Agent Orange, PCB's and is the leading producer of GMO crops. In Brazil there are 4,000 plus cases of microcephaly, but only 6 can be attributed to the Zika virus. Columbia is also battling Zika (3,000 + pregnant women so far) but guess what? There are no microcephaly outbreaks in that country because the pyriproxyfen has not been put into their drinking water. Oh, we know our enemy, but it's not the Zika virus, but Monsanto. (Angela Salerno, Publisher, INH Health Watch)

The Bull Pucky around vaccinations: Now that I am on an anti-Big Pharma roll, let's talk about how the news is reporting/lying that it's the unvaccinated kids that are causing outbreaks of... Whatever. Here is the Vaccine Circular Logic: 1) Vaccine manufacturers produce vaccines that they know don't work. 2) Children everywhere get injected with faulty vaccines, thinking they now have immunity from... Whatever. 3) Because of the failed vaccines, an outbreak of... Whatever occurs, yes, probably from the unvaccinated children. 4) The Bought and Sold Media turns the outbreak into mass hysteria falsely claiming that unvaccinated children are to blame. This #4 in our Vaccine Circular Logic is the most important and also most DUH evoking. How can the vaccinated children get the dreaded... Whatever from the unvaccinated children IF THE VACCINES WORK? Huh? What?

To Continue: 5) Mass hysteria promulgated by the likes of the ½ hour of the Lying Evening News gets the parents of the vaccinated kids in a huge scared twitter and they get the kids re-vaccinated with the same flawed vaccines that failed to work the first time, and this achieves the goal of vaccine compliance and medical obedience. And lastly, 6) When the outbreak of... Whatever naturally burns itself out, the Bought and Sold Media (By Big Pharma and Big Oil plus the Koch Brothers and Bill Gates) claims that the vaccines achieved the victory against the dreaded... Whatever disease thus "proving" that vaccines work.

Surprising stats about alcohol: At least it shocked me. "30% of American adults don't drink at all. Another 30% consume, on average, less than one drink per week. (So that means that 60% of Americans are pretty much non-drinkers.) About 30% of Americans are moderate social drinkers. On the other hand, the top 10% of American adults  24 million of them  consume an average of 74 (not a typo) drinks per week, or a little more than 10 drinks per day. (washingtonpost.com/wonkblog)

Be aware of the dangers of sepsis: I was very interested in Patty Duke's death just this week from a "ruptured bowel" which sounds horrible enough (...and how exactly does that happen? Will psyllium help?). However, she didn't die from that. She died from sepsis, which was an overwhelming infection from the ruptured bowel. I doubt very highly that you or I will ever get this kind of sepsis, but what I want to talk about is the kind of sepsis that can come from a tiny cut that is not taken care of properly.

Use that tube of Neosporin and the band aids and take care of your cuts. Don't ignore them. Here are the signs and symptom of sepsis, which is an acronym from the word itself. S=shivering, fever or feeling very cold. E=Extreme pain or general discomfort as in "worst ever." P=Pale or discolored skin. S=Sleepy, difficult to wake up or confused. I="I feel I might die." S=Shortness of breath. Get to the ER immediately if you even hallucinate sepsis or have a cut that looks weird, because time is of the essence for your survival.

There is a much kinder cousin to sepsis called cellulitis and this is a bacterial infection just under the skin. It's bad because it travels under the skin through the connective tissue and really fast, like in a couple of hours. I had a patient who contracted cellulitis from a little cut on the top of her index finger. She came in, showed me this huge red finger with little streaks starting to go past her metacarpals towards her wrist. I knew this was serious and she was treated that day by an MD with a shot of a strong antibiotic, ditto the next day and the next day and eventually she needed 3 rounds of oral antibiotics before that sucker went away and this is why God invented the original bread mold from which some smart person derived the first of the antibiotics. Remember: Streaks where they don't belong are VERY BAD. Get care immediately.

Some interesting concepts on fruits and vegetables:

This is from the American Heart Association's epidemiology meeting in Phoenix at the beginning of March:

1) Reducing the price of fruits and vegetables by 30% could save nearly 200,000 lives over 15 years by lowering rates of heart disease and stroke.

2) A 10% reduction in price of fruits and veggies could prevent 515,000 heart-related deaths and 675,000 heart attacks and strokes by 2035. That includes the assumption that people be able to afford one additional serving of fruits or vegetables per week.

3) If people added one additional serving of fruits and vegetable a day, up to 3.5 million deaths from heart disease could be prevented in just 2 years.

The researchers (Led by Dr. Thomas Graziano at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School) believe that simply lowering the price on healthier foods would be more effective than campaigns encouraging higher consumption. I agree. I know that my readers have plenty of money to purchase not only endless fruits and vegetables, but endless organic fruits and vegetables.

We are truly blessed to be able to choose to eat in the ways we know to be healthy, but think of the inner city, the single Moms holding down 3 jobs and/or the intact but very poor families. They have bellies to fill so they have to rely on the cheapest food to do this which is usually a refined carbohydrate.

Something new for you to chew on: There is something called BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor whose function it is to promote the survival of neurons in the brain. It's a newly discovered protein which protects your brain and there are seven ways to boost our levels. (Neurology, 2014)

1) Exercise moderately and frequently: No triathlons necessary, but just stretching and walking will do just fine.

2) Eat less: In a study of older adults, ages 70 to 92, those who consumed the most calories (more than 2143 daily) had almost twice the risk for mild cognitive impairment as adults who consumed the least, or fewer than 1,525 daily calories.

3) Eat better: The Mediterranean diet is good for this as it is low or no sugar, not much red meat and high in good fats.

4) Consider intermittent fasting: The theory is that skipping meals stresses your neurons and your body boosts BDNF to buttress neurons while you're undernourished.

5) Get Spicy: With curcumin. But not just any curcumin, as it is notoriously non absorbable unless it is chemically boosted. The curcumin I carry is potentized and bioavailable. I think 1,000 mgs is plenty and that is 2 pills a day.

6) Stay social: It leads to higher levels of BDNF in the brain.

7) Get some sun: BDNF levels are higher in the spring and summer months than in the fall and winter, but moderation in all things, as usual.

Brief overview of the side-effects of the drugs you might be taking: The symptom: A dry, hacking cough? Could be your ACE inhibitor (Lisinopril, Zestril, Vasotec) prescribed for your blood pressure.

The Symptom: An irregular heartbeat? Could be the broad-spectrum antibiotic (Levaquin, Cipro, Zithromax) you just finished. This risk is increased if you are also on a thiazide diuretic like HCT.

The Symptom: Sudden Hearing Loss? Could be the Lasix you are taking for the swelling in your feet and legs. This is increased if you are also taking Advil or Celebrex.

The Symptom: Intense Abdominal pain? Could be the codeine or another narcotic painkiller that you are taking. Opioids cause constipation and you could have a fecal impaction or an intestinal blockage.

The Symptom: Sudden psychosis? Other than imagining The Donald as the President of the United States, it might be the Dilantin you are taking for seizures.

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