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Are You Pooped?

Fatigue is one of the most frequent presenting symptoms I see in new patients. Their "get up and go has just got up and gone" - disappeared into the ongoing emotional crisis, the new baby, the demanding career, too many drinks, too much food, the wrong kind of food, not enough sleep, over-exercise, a bad cold or the flu that just hangs on. Over the years, I have found that many times patients are so used to feeling sub-optimal, they don't even know that they are tired. It's similar to a chronic pain patient turning off or dulling pain receptors; chronically tired people turn off their recognition of fatigue receptors and just keep on go-go going.

At some point in time I guarantee that you will no longer be able to go on and not just because you are so desperately tired but because you will get sick and be forced to stop.

I have found in my testing that there are five main reasons why people are tired. I routinely muscle test the heart, the brain, the thyroid, the quality of the blood and the adrenal glands yet I would say that more than half of the time, the culprit is the adrenal glands. Not only do the adrenal glands (you have two, one on top of each kidney) provide you with energy, but they are also part of your immune system, so it's pretty important to keep them alive and well and give them a rest and some sustenance every now and again.

If I find that you have adrenal dysfunction, I will probably suggest that you take one or two adrenal supplements to either nourish, calm down, up regulate, re-build and/or detox your adrenal glands. And I will also suggest that you make some pretty important lifestyle changes and here they are:

  1. First of all, take all the supplements I have suggested that you take. Take them religiously and faithfully. They are the cornerstones of the re-building of your adrenal glands.
  2. Be in bed by 10 P.M. and sleep in until 8 A.M. whenever you can. (Lie around in bed when time permits.) I don't care if you are a "night owl." You can slowly start to change your daily schedule to accommodate this new, healthier sleep pattern by going to bed just a little earlier each night. Try ½ hour per week.
  3. Move your body and breathe deeply. It's not a good time to do a marathon, but it is a good time to amble for ½ an hour or so every day. Don't push yourself.
  4. Eliminate caffeine for awhile, except for green tea. Eliminate all sugar in any form, alcohol included. Eliminate all white flour products. Too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar and white flour might have been what got you into this pickle in the first place.
  5. Drink a glass of water in the morning with ½ t. of Celtic Sea Salt stirred in. The adrenal glands love salt and it's O.K to use salt in this way while you are healing. Salt your food with this special salt, too.
  6. Eat a little bit of protein every couple of hours. It doesn't have to be a lot - maybe 12 almonds, a hard boiled egg, a few slices of deli turkey, left-over salmon or chicken, a tablespoon or two of cottage cheese.
  7. Never skip breakfast and start your day with a very low carbohydrate breakfast. No fruit for breakfast. I don't care how healthy you think fruit is - right now it is poison for you. If you are used to having cereal and fruit for breakfast, switch temporarily to eggs and bacon. You see, the other side of the coin of hypoadrenalism, is hypoglycemia and the eggs will temper the tendency for your blood sugar to plummet.
  8. Laugh several times a day. Enjoy your recovery. Notice what you are grateful for and believe in your ability to recover, that is, to get back your energy and to experience more peace in your life.
  9. Be patient. There's an old naturopathic rule that it takes one month for every year you have been sick to get well. So, don't expect to feel tip top a few days after you start your pills and changing your life. It will take awhile, but there is no better investment.
  10. STOP twice a day, lie down on the floor and throw your legs up on the couch. Spread your arms wide and stay there for 10 minutes. Set a timer and relax. Breathe deeply, concentrate on your inhale and exhale and try to think of nothing.
  11. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. And stop talking trash to yourself. Enough with the negativity! And stop surrounding yourself with people who don't support you. Run away from "energy vampires." And most of all, stop PUSHING YOURSELF!
  12. Breathe. And Relax.

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