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April Newsletter 2020

Are we all sick and tired of the damn virus yet? That little round ball with spikes that is holding us hostage? Our lives are turned upside down while Satan's tiny ball of evil demands that we remain under house arrest, stay 6 feet away from our friends, wear masks and gloves to shop and no matter how hard we try not to give in to the virus's existential treachery, it holds us hostage to our primal fears of "There's a serial killer stalking me!" And this time it's a killer that is invisible and insidious - a one-two punch that creates a dreadful anxiety that always seems to be lurking just underneath everything we do.

Do I have my mask on right? (I hate it, I can't breathe and besides, it makes funny indentations in my cheeks which are unattractive) What about my gloves? Are they up to snuff (since I wash them and wear them twice... or even three times)? Or might there be a teeny tiny hole somewhere that is waving to the virus? ("C'mon in, this way to her lungs!")

Do I have enough paper products? I think the supply chain is OK, but what if all the grocery clerks quit? Then what will I do? Then I worry that I am being an insensitive, selfish pig because I really don't have any problems - I have a nice house in the woods, I have enough money to ride this out, I have my good health, I have love. So then I scold myself: "Alright already, Bea, enough of the mental caterwauling!" Then the angst will shift into gratitude. And so it goes. Day in and day out. And, sadly, I don't think I'm all that unusual.

Other than worrying, I spend a lot of my time buttering up my immune system so it remains happy, relaxed and efficient. As many of you already know, I suggested that we all take Immuplex at 3 per day and chew slowly a zinc lozenge from Perque, letting it slide nicely down our throats, killing bad stuff on the way. Also, I have been reading a lot lately about vitamin C and I am suggesting that as well, to bowel tolerance. Lastly make sure you keep your vitamin D levels high which means increasing your usual 5,000 mgs per day to 10,000 mgs for the duration. Sadly, the Immuplex on my shelves is already gone and when I went to order, Standard Process is out and it won't be available until early May. The Perque C is on backorder, also. I still have the zinc lozenges and vitamin D on my shelves.

I am going to the office on Tuesdays to fill orders for pick up, so if you need anything please let me know. I am currently not mailing anything. I am also having phone consultations for a small fee, so feel free to call for an appointment.

So, what else can I do for a robust immune system? First of all, I have to lay a new concept on you: We don't HAVE an immune system, we ARE an immune system. The immune system is not an organ or a particular tissue, but rather it is a condition in which our WHOLE BODY is capable of defending itself against its internal and external enemies. Rudolph Virchow, M.D. (1821-1902) said " If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat - DISEASED TISSUE - rather than being the CAUSE of the diseased tissue, e.g. mosquitoes seek the stagnant water but do not cause the water to become stagnant".

Indulge me please, here comes another pithy quote: Pasteur's deathbed confession was "The pathogen is nothing. The terrain is everything." Or to use another metaphor, a well maintained automobile will last much longer than the one not maintained.

We are what we eat and don't eat, we are what we excrete and don't excrete. And predictably, you know what I am going to say now: Proper nutrition and exercise are what keeps our physical body functioning smoothly and free from weaknesses, or more specifically, the weakness of diseased tissue and an unhealthy terrain. Now is perhaps the most important time in your life, no matter how old you are, to keep your health and vitality at optimum levels, because the virus will make itself right at home in an unhealthy terrain and diseased tissue and that could kill you.

Science has proven that a lack of fat-soluble vitamins affects our immune system so please keep up your oils, like fish oil, MCT oil, avocados, butter. Our microbiome, and in this case, our virome, loves fermented foods. Buy and eat the ferments like kim chi, sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt. Stop eating all processed foods right now and banish sugar from your house. They both tear down the immune system.

I have also been reading that alcohol isn't so good for you right now either, and apparently a lot of us are drinking our way through the pandemic. Not a good thing right now. Also smoking and vaping are big risk factors since this nasty virus will attack the lungs. Our nostrils and sinuses are the gatekeepers of our lungs, so keep them well hydrated, open and clean and help them protect our lungs. I use a saline rinse every morning to clean and refresh my "gatekeeper" and will also use a product called Cold Be Gone: A nasal swab remedy. Use a q-tip and swab the inside of your nose with this before you go out in our very dangerous world; it's made of manuka honey.

Our entire personal biome/virome is protected by our skin. Stop putting bad stuff on your skin because toxic and cheap chemicals kill the naturally occurring and protective bacteria in our skin. Try coconut oil or something whose label reads healthy, rather than chemical-y. You could also douse yourself with Young Living's Thieves oil before you venture out.

If you have the following lying around in your pharmacy, you might as well add these to your prevention routine: Selenium, licorice root, echinacea, olive leaf, golden thread, cat's claw, turmeric, medicinal mushrooms, plus Supreme Nutrition's Houttynia, Vital Guard, Camu and Morinda.

And lastly, eat right and well. I'm not going to go into this any more, because if you have been reading my newsletters for the past 18 years, you KNOW WHAT TO DO and now especially is the time to do it. Stay healthy and well and keep washing those hands! So what if they crack and bleed... With great love, Dr. Bea

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