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Listen up! Your Body is Trying to Tell you Something!

Your body is such a wonderful machine. It takes care of you in many, many ways, and most of the time without you even being aware of it. It repairs you on a moment to moment basis and with the help of your liver, lymph, kidneys and skin it cleanses you the best it can. Depending on the kind of fuel you feed it, it keeps your joints and skeletal system well-oiled and ready to run after that Wooly Mammoth or to brave the jostling crowds at the Mother Ship on Pearl. This is not rocket science, folks. How well your body works from one moment to the next depends on the simplest things: What are you feeding it? How are you maintaining it?

To use the car analogy: Just as your car needs clean gas, clean oil and a clean air filter to function properly, so does your body need clean food. If you pour the wrong kind of oil into it (you eat too many Omega 6's from processed junk foods), or fill it up with gas that is loaded with fillers (you eat sugar and drink too much alcohol) or if your exhaust system is clogged up (you are constipated or suffer from chronic infections anywhere in your body), your car will give you obvious and immediate signs of system breakdown like bucking, smoking, smelling, shimmying, making funny noises, pulling to the left, and finally the dreaded "check engine" light will appear on the dash. If it just blinks, you will definitely notice it, but if the red light stays on you will probably take your car to the "car doctor."

Your body will let you know when something is wrong, too. Here are some clues that your "check engine" light is blinking which will give you a chance to change a few things. Or, maybe it's on permanently  your symptoms won't go away  so at this point you will probably take your poor body to a body doctor like me. Don't disconnect your body's check engine light! Pay attention to what your wonderful body is trying to tell you. There are no accidents.

Are you prone to headaches or migraines? I have found that headaches are often a sign of dehydration and often, increasing your water intake (half of your body weight in ounces) and taking a dozen or so Min-Tran per day for a few days will do the trick. But your headaches could be coming from a subtle sensitivity, like MSG, hydrolyzed anything, autolyzed yeast, maltodextrin, food dyes and the many weird names for sugar that the food manufacturers try to sucker-punch us with.

Do you have inflammation or edema anywhere? Do you retain water easily? Are your ankles chronically swollen? Check out your consumption of animal protein, dairy or gluten. Also refined sugars can blow you up like the Baron Harkonnen in the movie Dune. Are you eating processed foods which contain tons of bad salt or sodium? Salt is not a bad guy, especially the good salts like Himalayan pink or Celtic gray. It's the awful poisonous sodium/salt that food manufacturers put in the fast foods and into the boxes, cans, jars, bags or wrappers that I implore you not to buy or eat anymore.

Are you dizzy or do you have tinnitus? It's probably just a temporary inner ear thing, not that inoperable glioblastoma that you find yourself immediately diagnosing. However, your faulty equilibrium and ear noises could be traced right back to diet. Check MSG, aspartame, nitrites and nitrates, chocolate, caffeine and concentrated sweets. Monitor your dizzy spells and ear noises. Is it mostly after you have eaten certain foods? Remember, anything can cause anything. I found one patient sensitive to brown rice and broccoli and that is probably because he ate it every day of his life.

How is your digestion? This is a big part of my practice. Everyone seems to have some sort of digestive stuff going on! Constipation, diarrhea, stomach pains or tightness, acid reflux or burning, or any kind of irritable bowel situation is often the result of food that is toxic for you. Check dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, sugar or any kind of known GMO foods. Do you need enzymes or HCL? As you know I can test you for the foods that you might be sensitive to and also for any kind of "dysbiosis (bugs in your gut that don't belong there). I often find hiatal hernias with food allergies and dysbiosis which can appear as heartburn, a full feeling or the sensation that food's not going down as well as it could. It's easy for me to adjust that for you and to also teach someone at home to do it for you.

Are you tired? Especially after you eat? Junk food will make you tired, as will other foods which may sound healthy but are foods that you just may be sensitive to. Start eating organic foods and your body won't be trying to "digest" all the pesticides that you are feeding it. I can test you for excess chemicals, inhalants, pesticides and heavy metal. Your tiredness could also be from weak adrenal glands. It seems to me that we live in an extraordinarily fast, noisy and stressful world and I rarely see anyone who doesn't need some sort of adrenal assistance.

Any brain fog? Is your vision weird for no reason? Especially after you eat? Have you had any tap water? Did you  OMG  get a flu shot? Did you just put NutraSweet in your Starbucks triple pumpkin latte? (700 calories) Did you take a toxic pharmaceutical? Did the dentist put a "silver" filling in your tooth? Did you get stuck in traffic on I25 ? Are you on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or ADHD drugs? (The vision thing could also be your upper cervical which may need to be adjusted.)

Are you depressed? Has your get up and go got up and went? Do you find yourself not wanting to get up in the morning? Having trouble having fun? You don't want to go to work, your kids are so annoying and noisy that you are scared that you may do something awful? And you don't want to (or worse case scenario  are unable to) do the normal activities of daily living? Instead of reaching for another drink or increasing your dose of Effexor, start watching what you eat. If you eat CAFO animals (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) you can bet that they are depressed and if you eat them, their tissues will hold that depressed energy and pass it right on to you. I know this sounds very woo-woo but think about it for a minute. Also, if you eat the pesticides and insecticides that make insects die, what do you think these foods will do to you? Maybe you won't die (now), but it might make you sick and depressed. Do me a favor. Try cleaning up your diet big-time for one month  anyone can do it for one month. See if you feel better. I can help you with this.

Are you prone to rashes? How about eczema or psoriasis? Or those painful little canker sores in your mouth? I find that rashes are often from fungus, molds and yeast, viruses, additives, sugar, gluten, GMO corn or soy. (I used to get TONS of canker sores before I realized how poisonous gluten is for me. And I have to be careful now with how much citrus I eat or I will sprout, almost instantly one of those painful little buggers.) Also processed foods with all of their additives can make you break out. Medications can do it, too. Watch aspirin, cough syrups, antihistamines and NSAIDS. Actually, remember the mantra - that virtually anything can cause anything. Since your skin is one of your largest detox organs and highly visible, you will easily see this "check engine" light come on and you will know immediately that something is wrong with your detox system. Rashes can be your best friend.

Does your pulse noticeably increase after a meal? And/or are you suddenly anxious for no reason at all? This just means that you just ate something bad for your particular Lamborghini and this is your "check engine" light blinking at you. Your pulse will usually go back to normal within 20 minutes of eating the offending food which also means that your check engine light has also gone off. But do take this opportunity to examine what that food might have been. What do you think caused your fast pulse? You might find that your offending food is the strangest thing, but if it happens more than once, you can bet whatever it was you ate is not good for you. I can help you with this, too.

Not sleeping well? Could be a myriad of things  whole newsletters could be written on insomnia - but it could also be that you ate something which is keeping you up and I don't mean just the usuals  caffeine or chocolate. Could be sugar or fruit or something you least suspect as well.

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