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Simple Cold and Flu Prevention

We are all pretty clear now that we are not going to get a flu shot this year, aren't we? Or any year for that matter, right? Well, I advise you not to get a flu SPRAY either. The Food and Drug Administration has just approved a new flu vaccine that is administered as a nose spray. It's called FluMist, is manufactured by MedImmune and is scheduled for availability by November. It costs $46 per dose and the drug could eventually reach sales of ONE BILLION DOLLARS a year.

Do you remember why we don't want flu shots or flu sprays? First of all, flu vaccines are filled with methylmercury, ethylene glycol, phenol, formaldehyde and aluminum, all dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. I don't know what kind of preservatives FluMist has, but at the very least it is a live vaccine which may actually cause the flu in those with weakened immune systems, ironically the very people who the medicos are insisting get the flu shot/spray.

I can just see the advertising now: " So, how about an easy Afrin-like shot of mercury, aluminum and chemicals straight to the brain through the nasal cavity? Step right up for our new flu spray, Folks. We've called it Brain Begone Flu Spray and it is much quicker and more effective in the delivery of dangerous substances to your brain than those pesky injections which have to travel miles and miles thorough your lymph and blood first. "

"You too, can increase your chance of getting Alzheimer's disease. No problem. With our new product, Brain Begone Flu Spray."

So, instead of caving into a flu shot/vaccine this year, try just these few things:

1) Eliminate sugar and all of the bad white stuff that tastes so good because sugar is the biggest immune compromiser there is.

2) Get enough sleep and if you have trouble sleeping, do anything and everything you can to stop your no-sleep cycle. This is the only time that the body fully restores itself. The first step is this: I would suggest making your bedroom pitch black at night so much so that you can't see your hand in front of your face.

3) WASH YOUR HANDS! A LOT! Pull a Howard Hughes and carry tissue around with you to open public doors, flush public toilets and/or touch anything debatable. You can either choose to feel silly or give yourself a fighting chance to avoid bad bugs and viruses.

4) Go to my website - www.drbea.com - and read my handout called Cold and Flu. I strongly suggest that you purchase the supplements I recommend - sooner rather than later - so you will have them at the ready if you feel sniffly at 10pm some evening when all the stores are closed and I am not in my office. What counts is how fast you get to your symptoms and how strenuously you bombard them with the appropriate nutrition and care.

5) Use essential oils daily. I would suggest Thieves and Purification from Young Living as the first two of choice.

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