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Fourteen Day Get Clean Diet

The purpose of this diet is to determine how the foods we eat affect the way we feel.

Warning: This trial will not work unless you are diligent about making all of these changes religiously for the required 14 days. You must not make just some of the changes or eliminate just some of the foods. You must not cheat just a little bit - but instead you must tell yourself that, "This is only for 14 days out of my entire life and I really want to see if I feel any different and/or if my children seem to behave differently when certain foods are eliminated from my (our family's) diet." And remember, that although moderation is O.K for many things, toxic foods can affect us even in small quantities so for this test to work, you must do it right.

Here it is: For 14 days, only the following foods may be eaten:

1) Beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs - hormone free and organic. Fish is fine except for shark, swordfish, orange roughy and tuna as these fishes are very high in mercury.

2) Any and all vegetables are fine except for potatos, yams or any potato products. Eat lots of vegetables. Heap your plate full. But try to eat animal protein at every meal, too. For portion control with meat, a good rule is eat the "size of your palm. "By the way, no grains of any kind will be allowed for 14 days.

3) You may eat fats. These include butter, extra virgin olive oil, Omega brand coconut butter and the fats that exist naturally on the meats that you eat.

4) Eat only whole foods. For example, do not eat eggs without the yolk or any other food which is not whole. You may use herbs and spices.

5) For a beverage, only friltered water is allowed. Try for at least 2 quarts taken between meals.

6) Beginning on the 8th day, you may include Stoneyfield Whole Milk Plain Yogurt, about a cup per day. If you notice any reaction, stop the yogurt immediately.

7) Your only sweet during this 14 day period will be two pieces of fruit per day, taken between meals. Apples, pears and berries are preferable. Do not eat the sweet fruits like mango or banana.

8) For snacks, keep nuts around and eat a handful when you need to. Don't overdo. Raw nuts only; not tamari, not roasted etc. Almonds, walnuts, macademia nuts and Brazil nuts are all good.

(Note: For the first couple of days, you may feel bad - this is because you are detoxing. It will pass.)

Eat enough. Do not go hungry! But if you think that any of the allowed foods are allergens for you, please stop eating them!

Plan your food carefully. Be sure that you have the right food around. BE sure that you are not eating anything out of a bag, box, can, jar or wrapper, since they all have added ingredients which are not allowed.

You won't believe how good you will feel after 14 days. You may never want to go back to your old way of eating. I guarantee this.

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